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Robyn W.

Robyn W.

Robyn W.

Robyn W.wrote a review of on March 24, 2013

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These shoes are amazing for bouldering and for using little chip holds that you would normally have trouble sticking. The toe just really grips onto anything, like ridiculously well. I haven't gotten to use them much yet for heel hooking or anything like that, so I'm not sure how they would perform but they seem like an all-over awesome climbing shoe so far.

My one complaint is that they are SUPER uncomfortable. Get ready for mega toe-cramps! I had a little trouble figuring out the right size for my foot and I probably shouldn't have gotten these since they fit me pretty akwardly (there are some air pockets along the sides and bottom so they sorta fart when I walk) BUT I just couldn't give them up because they really are awesome shoes. Probably better for man feet than for my skinny feet, but so be it. I was just way too excited about this.

They're great for a serious climber. NOT for beginners!