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Grant S.

Grant S.wrote a review of on March 28, 2012

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I really want to love these shoes but I have exchanged an 8 for an 8.5 and now an 8.5 for a 9. A european 42.5 fits me perfectly in most shoes and I never have any footwear problems. But my foot is really a "tween" size. In Nike running shoes (which run a bit small overall) I wear a 9. In dress shoes, always a perfect 8.5. However, when I measure my foot it is actually an 8 3/4. I thought the 8.5's I ordered would fit or at least give a bit over time - they did not. It was pain to put them on and even more painful to climb in them. My big toe was jammed right up against the front of the shoe causing it to curl back.

I have worn all types of shoes over the years from the original Fires, the Sortiva Mariachers, the Sportiva Mythos, etc. Sportive seems to always hit my sizing dead on, whether it is a running shoe or a climbing shoe/alpine/mountaineering boot. Always a 42.5.

I hope the 9's that are on their way fit well.