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David R.

David R.


David R.

David R.wrote a review of on December 21, 2009

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I skied a 170cm, 65cm waist Volkl before this and I was considering going a size shorter for snowkiting. After I read all of the reviews saying that the prophets ski a lot shorter than they measure, I decided to go with the 172's. The reviews were right, I think I would have been quite comfortable on the 179's (I'm 5'8" 170lbs). If you are trying to decide between sizes, definitely go long. I know you read a lot of reviews about how short is better these days but that does not apply to this ski. Go longer, you will appreciate the extra float and stability.

The prophets are a little slow edge to edge on groomed runs due to the wide waist. This felt awkward at first but after a couple of days of skiing, I was used to the feeling and it was no longer an issue. This is not at all noticeable in powdery conditions. They are easy to turn and quite a bit faster than I was expecting on groomed runs. At higher speeds they can be a bit squirrely when not on edge, especially in icy conditions. I'm sure that a longer ski would help with this.

This is definitely where the prophets shine. These skis are an absolute joy to ride in powdery conditions, the float is phenomenal and they are surprisingly maneuverable. Be warned that you will find yourself constantly searching out powder if you buy these skis.

I have found that the key factor here is ice. The performance is not great in icy crud or icy bumps, it's not terrible, but not great either. Those conditions are not my cup of tea anyway. In powdery crud and bumps the prophets perform great.

Overall, I would say that the prophet is really close to a one ski quiver. They can definitely get by skiing in icy conditions but on really poor days when this is all I expect to see, I'll break out the Volkls.

* relatively light weight.
* excellent maneuverability.
* phenomenal float.
* They like to go fast.

* squirrely in icy conditions at high speeds (possibly not an issue with longer skis).