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Robert B.

Robert B.

Robert B.

Robert B.wrote a review of on February 1, 2010

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The Nitrane Contraband's are a tough set of bindings to recommend RIGHT NOW. I have to admit they are a great pair of bindings when it comes to comfort and style, and the 4.0 Wedgie footbeds are money. My legs never get tired and I don't feel any pain with the footbeds.

The cons:I ordered a pair this fall and I broke my first pair the second day on the mountain. Surprise, surprise, I broke the v-strap at the exact same spot everyone else has been breaking them. If anyone has tried or seen the original contrabands you will notice the v-strap is very flexible. The Nitrane has a much stiffer, pliable v-strap on the inside of your foot. Not sure I care for that design decision. It seems the change in material strength might be causing the tearing? Anyways. I just broke my second pair, this time, on the release button of my ankle strap. That's what happens when they're made of plastic and you're riding in negative temps all the time.

Bottom Line:Until Ride fixes the weak v-strap, don't be surprised WHEN you break it. Either way, I am returning my second pair and getting another pair of Nitrane Contrabands because WHEN THEY WORK, they are the best bindings I've used. Thanks DOGFUNK for the great return policy.