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rasmasyeanwrote a review of on March 30, 2010

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I just tried this board on rained out icy frost that felt like concrete when you punch it. This board grabs the icy surface and doesn't slip out. You can skid pretty much like you would do on a regular trail and also be confident you can stop where you want to.

At low speeds you can practically carve the ice hard snow. It turns on a dime when you lean on it and hooks right into the carve. I think it has to do with the magnetraction and perhaps a little in combination with the banana shape.

The banana shape also makes it easy to spin to ride switch. And this board rides exactly the same in both directions. Ground spins just flow like as if the board is reading your mind and you actually have to catch up to it to prevent overdoing it.

It is also pretty easy to hold a press for a long time on this board without that much effort.