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Ramkumar S.

Ramkumar S.

Ramkumar S.

Ramkumar S.wrote a review of on December 20, 2011

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I got this TNF jacket 2 weeks back.. like it very much.
Very useful for NC winter weather. The Jacket seals very well, little bulky compared to the pics shown. But, does the purpose very well. Eventhough the backcountry.com website says the hood is Fixed, actually it is removable, i love it. One thing i am trying to fix is, when you remove the hood, the collar is not staying down , the front zip side is up and scratching my face..for each one , this may be different, but, i have to fix the collar everytime if i dont use the hood so far. When i spoke to TNF store rep, he said, it will be okay in few use.