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racerkenwrote a review of on September 2, 2010

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I bought this because I'm just a SP addict. When I recieved it, the flame adjustment mechanism was bent so SP replaced the unit. (they have great support)
I took it on our family camping outing to Lake Superior Provincial Park (which is great) and have this to report.
1. the auto ignition is good when it works but sometimes you have to click the darn thing many times. I think SP needs a stronger spark, larger inductor value.
2. the unit is robust with a grate that allows you to use very heavy pots/pans without feeling wimpy.
3. clean-up is a snap as the bottom plate is anti-stick coated. crud just flakes off after 5 days of heavy use.
4. the flame is a beautiful blue with great dispersion.
5. It's heavy.
6. you can have two very large pots and pans next to each other and get away with it.

I am very happy with this purchase.

I also have the SP BBQ with trays that detach with the coals. don't know why BC does not carry the BBQ'er.

I wish BC carried the griddle pan as well.