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p.t3789709wrote a review of on March 29, 2010

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I am a complete newb when it comes to snowboarding. I can't even carve the snow yet. Anyway, I decided to buy the boots so that I don't have to always pay for rentals. When I was shopping aroud, I found that I really like the design of the white DC Judge 09/10 boots. Unfortunately, all the local stores I've tried doe not carry the 8.5 size that backcountry did! (Mad props to backcountry!)Well, I ordered the 8.5 because I wear regular tennis shoe size 8.5 (at rentals, I wear 8 Head brand), and was told that DC boots tend to run one size smaller. I took the advice from BCountry, and ordered the 8.5When I got them, I tried it out. It seemed pretty tight fit. I thought that after a day of boarding, the cushion would pack out, and my foot will feel better. It turns out that it wasn't enough. Everytime I do heal or toeside stopping, I could feel my toes having to curl because it was reaching the wall of the boots. (That's the only reason why I'm returing it)As far as how good the boots are, I love the dual boa system. Makes a good tight fit. It's light. I was wearing it for over 8 hours, and it felt like regular work boots.One thig that I'd knock down a star is that the bottom of the boots, the rubber part, seems to be pretty fragile. after one day of boarding, I noticed a lot of shavings in the boot. I don't know it's normal or not, but it seems that with the amount of shavings done, the boot will last at most 2-3 seasons worth of boarding.Fit wise, it's great when you find the right size. Very comfortable soles. Lacing system is great due to the dual boa system. Design of it is eye popping. (Though, white does get dirty fast).BackCountry Staff is great too!