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pmd5274141wrote a review of on May 2, 2018

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Got this helmet in March 2017 - excellent features, excellent fit, really liked the new chin strap (lightweight webbing, thin Y retainers, nice thin profile chin pad, one handed tighten/loosen feature, magnetic buckle). Fast forward to winter 2017/2018 - Smith issues a recall (which is good - safety first you know), but what I get back from Smith is an excellent fitting helmet with a standard chin strap (minus the fidlock buckle which is not nearly as thin profile or aesthetically pleasing as the last buckle). It sort of drives me nuts to have paid the extra money for the whole package that was the Quantum helmet ($300) to now just a year later basically have a Vantage helmet ($60 cheaper). I talked with a rep from Smith and told him I was disappointed that they had not engineered a safe replacement that had the nice features previously available. He mentioned that you are really buying the helmet - I have to disagree. I ultimately have a functional and safe helmet now, but am bummed that I'm now missing what I considered to be a big selling point of the Quantum (again, you can get MIPS and Koyroid and adjustable vents, etc. in a cheaper helmet offered by Smith that comes with the cheaper features). Buyer beware of the latest and greatest I guess -