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piratebrianwrote a review of on May 6, 2009

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Sand storm at Burning Man, (before the crowds) fully exposed to full wind on flat ground.
It stood up fine to those winds. One pole got bent slightly, but out of about 11 tents, mine and one other was the only one left standing. That windstorm flattened the camp. The rest of the tents were wrecked 2-3 beyond repair. Those people had pretty sucky time and had to retreat to cars that night.
The next week it was 110 degrees out, the elastic bungies built into the aluminum poles died. But those are not essential equipment and no other bungie would have lived. I do not find that a flaw. It is small and cramped for two, I only had enough room for myself and my gear. But it is super well designed for what it went through. I have no regrets forking over the extra dough for this tent.