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pfmahoney2395009-0wrote a review of on September 8, 2008

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I bought one several weeks ago. I took it solo down a class II+ river and it was a breeze. It make the rapids almost too easy, it self bails front and rear. It's comfortable and it's reasonably agile given the limitations of what it is (ie. a big inflatable). Then I put my 9 year old daughter in it and did the same set of rapids and it was still fine. It didn't notice her weight much at all. Then several weeks later I loaded in my wife, my 4 year old daughter, my 9 year old daughter and myself and took it down the exact same set of rapids and, not surprisingly, it was heavy and ungainly, but it still did pretty well and we had no real problems. A good time was had by everyone. We had no stability problems - it's very stable. Yesterday I loaded it down with the four of us again took it out on a lake and had a nice time kayaking around the lake. It took a fair amount of steering to get it to track in a straight line but it was usable. Everything, including life jackets for 4, the paddles and the kayak and seats fits in the back of my Honda Civic, and I can carry it around by myself with no problems. Using the electric pump that I have it inflates in less 5 minutes and it deflates even quicker. The materials that the two layers are made from are very thick and I would think it would be hard to tear the shell. It does take a while to dry it out though.