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peter.back1160046wrote a review of on August 4, 2012

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My favorite hiking pants. I also got a pair of Palisade shorts , which are also excellent.

What I like:
- Excellent athletic fit. Good looking and very comfortable. I got the light carbide color which looks great.
- Clearly designed for outdoor use and well suited to backpacking, with water repellant quick drying fabric, light weight, a minimalist built in belt, and just enough stretch.
- No velcro. Zippers and so much classier.
- Pockets are lined with nylon, not mesh.
- They're clearly well made, using a mix of lamination and stitching. Still, I wish they still made all their stuff in Canada.

What I don't like:
- The built in nylon belt doesn't hold position well. I found a rubber O-ring can be wrapped around the plastic buckle to make it hold better.
- The cargo pocket zipper pulls are exposed and sit in the middle of your thighs when the pockets are closed. I don't like the way they rub against the bottom of my desk. Admittedly this isn't exactly the kind of thing you'd care about when out for a hike, but I like to wear these around town and even at work, so I notice these things.

The pocket configuration is completely different than last year's model. These have two ordinary front pockets without zippers, just like any casual pants, plus two zippered cargo pockets, but they don't have back pockets at all. Back pockets aren't really that useful anyway. Sitting on your wallet isn't good for your back, and sitting on your cell phone is a good way to crack the screen, so what can you really do with them anyway? Plus they're useless when wearing a backpack.