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Paul C.

Paul C.

Home: Riverton, WY. Work Coast to Coast,&AK

Paul C.'s Bio

35 years in oil & Gas exploration, in 20 states in the lower 48, one Canadian province, and Alaska. All outdoor work, much of it heli-portable with a few horse pack-in jobs, in some of the most remote areas of North America.
Hobbies are motorcycling, boating, wildlife photography.

Paul C.

Paul C.wrote a review of on January 12, 2009

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As an older guy who has beaten up his hands for thirty six years working on machinery outdoors, I have very poor circulation in my hands, plus some finger tips that have been frostbitten in the past. I mostly rely on wind stopper type liners under heavy mittens anymore, shedding a mitt for a few seconds while making an adjustment or starting a bolt, then returning the hand to the mitt to warm it back up.
A lot of times, though, I need dexterity for long periods of time, so have been looking for years for a truly warm glove.
While the Guide is not the end all answer to all my dreams, it comes closer than any other glove I have found. Changing a tire in +5* F in SW Wyoming (with a 25-30mph wind adding additional chill) two weeks ago, the gloves did pretty well for the 30 some minutes I was working. A few cold spots developed where touching the frozen metal tools, but no stinging or numbness occured.
And bar-hopping around downtown Anchorage last week in -20* F on foot was nearly a pleasure, my hands stayed toasty warm for the 10-20 minute walks between pubs, while my buddies were very happy to get back inside to warm up.
I ordered this pair to fit somewhat snugly; my next pair, and there will likely be a next pair, I will order size large for a looser fit.
I am going up on the North Slope for work this winter, and will write another review in the spring to let you know how they hold up.
Good gloves, if a bit spendy.