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Raymond G.

Raymond G.

Rockies and everywhere

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Hiking & Camping

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50+ years of steady mountain travel on foot/ski/boat/bike.

When in doubt always go uphill.
Stay up when going down.

Raymond G.

Raymond G.wrote a review of on September 3, 2009

4 5

Lightweight, very compact.

Nice pot handle (hope it holds up over time.)

Strainer lid is both good and bad -- good is easier now to drain water from pasta, negative is lid has to be held when draining, so need glove or cloth to keep from burning your hand while holding lid. Also, no way to lock lid on tightly without using handle folded over. This is a minor thing, but bringing water back from a stream more splashes out than with my old nested aluminum camp pots.

Only one lid, so can't cover both large and small pots simultaneously.

Can't get my Brunton stove or standard camp spoons inside kit.

Pots and bowls easy to clean. Bowls are relatively wide and shallow, and as a result my sense is food cools off more quickly than in my old traditional bowls, which were deeper and smaller circumfence. Also seem a bit hard to hold with heavy gloves, but maybe with time I'll get more used to them.

Soft insulation around cups works fairly well, but is easily damaged by bears.

Overall good choice for space saving.