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Paul D.

Paul D.

Paul D.

Paul D.wrote a review of on December 19, 2011

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$360 shipped. The main reason I got this fork was for the tool-less QR20 axle. My prior fork, a Manitou Sherman 160, did not have a tool-less axle, and it was an inconvenience to have to take the wheel off when transporting my bike in the back of my car. This Marzocchi 55 has been a great upgrade for that reason, alone.

The good: very solid fork. Noticeably more torsionally stiff than my Sherman, which is a pretty serious fork. Very tuneable fork. This is an air fork, and the air-volume (yes, there is a mechanical air volume adjustment, different from the air pressure), rebound, and Micro compression adjustments work, noticeably. Good, simple, axle system. Reliable, so far. I've only gotten about 50 miles on this thing, but it's been hard trail riding. Oh, this fork came with a shock pump and a Marzocchi steerer-top-cap and star fangled nut. Nice. By the way, you do NOT need a special adapter to air this fork. Any standard shock pump will attach to this fork, unlike some other Marzocchi forks that need the special air valve extension. By the way, this is a 2011 model year fork.

The not-so-good: The air spring. Granted, new forks take time to break in, but something tells me this fork, when set up for proper bottoming resistance, will not be as plush on small stuff like a coil sprung offering would be. The poor directions. The directions mention hardly anything about all the various settings for this fork, and the Micro compression adjustment is particularly puzzling. There is a dial to set the compression, and then a lever to engage that compression setting. Hence, I leave the lever engaged and set the compression to what is appropriate for full-time riding. Is it supposed to be a lockout? Is it supposed to be a platform/blowoff setting? It's not exactly clear.... Also, the directions for the axle could be clearer.

Bottom line: doesn't feel plush on the small stuff, but everything else is very good. It weighs 5 1/4 lbs., which doesn't bother me, considering my Sherman was 5 3/4 lbs. Marzocchi says 4.96 lbs., and HucknRoll says 4 lb. 9 oz., but HucknRoll is notorious for listing wrong specs. I hope this fork lasts me a good, long time.