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Paige S.

Paige S.

Paige S.

Paige S.wrote a review of on August 20, 2012

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I went on a 'merino wool underwear' buying bend because i was sick and tired of the stink of poly-blend wicking underwear that I was using for my runs. This summer's been hot and sticky and those poly blends were not doing it for me. I hated the smell and the gross sweatiness pealing the underwear off after my runs.

I bought these RedRam shorts (along with some others). My size (M) was not available, but given sale price of the white, I decided to order an L just to try them out.

THEY. ARE. AWESOME. I love the boy shorts cut. These provide ample coverage and do not ride up. They are slightly large for me, but no wedgies. I wore them on one run, and they were so comfy. After my run, they did not smell gross and they had clearly wicked the moisture AWAY from my body. The only thing is that since they're slightly big on me, I don't wear them with my shorts that have the built-in liner.