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Robert G.

Robert G.

the upper Great Lakes and middle Appalachia

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Hiking & Camping

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I am a weekend warrior that learning to modify my trips to include my wife, age, and budget. I enjoy a variety of trips in length, nature, season ( 23 days in the boundary waters, 6 days on the Suwannee River, etc...). I have taken some time off from major trips yet slowly getting back into some type of routine where I can plan trips around work schedules.

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Robert G.

Robert G.wrote a question about on September 5, 2012

I am interested in buying a back pack that could be used for a long weekend for hiking or stored in a dry compartment on my kayak. I do not take weekly or monthly trips but seize opportunities when they arise (sometimes once every 18 months or longer). I know that Kelty is generally high quality and durability yet I don't know how they stack up economically. How does Kelty compare with Osprey in regard to backpacks?