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os.4416126wrote a review of on January 18, 2011

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No fog??, you mean never?? These goggles fogged up within the first 10 minutes of wearing them. Vastly overstated claim. To be realistic they are a little better than most ANTI-fog goggles but not perfect. Size is large but ok.
Wore these goggles skiing Niseko,Hokkaido,Japan in January 2011 - continuous snowfall and -15C all week. Luckily I tried them with my Giro G9 helmet before I left. The fit was no problem but for the foam pinching around my nose a bit, trimmed that with scissors to a perfect fit. Unfortunately the clips holding the lens to the frame are a joke. Extreme care must be taken when removing the goggles otherwise the lens will easily become partly detatched = goggles fall apart. Decided to carefully fix this by glueing the lens in with automotive adhesive sealant. Key word here is carefully! The lens stayed in place and no wind driven snow entered through the now sealed large gaps between the lens and frame.
It is worthwhile noting that this goggle has been discontinued, probably for good reason - too fragile. Lens IS good, even ok for night skiing if you have to. Liked the anti slip beading on the strap, excellent for helmet use. Take care with ice on the foam surrounds, allow it to melt before removing it, the foam is easily torn otherwise.
Buy Zeal but check how the lens is secured, needs to be secured around the entire edge not with small clips.
Happy skiing