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Frank L.

Frank L.

Frank L.

Frank L.wrote a review of on April 24, 2008

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It's like a Swiss Army Knife with useable pliers.

As usual, you'll need to evaluate your needs as to whether this one will do it for you.

Mainly know that this tool has an excellent build quality.

It's a little over 3 inches and about a little less than 7 ounces.

It has Needlenose Pliers, Straight Knife, Serrated Knife, Saw, Diamond File, Awl, Wire Cutters, Hard-Wire Cutters 3 flat head screw drivers: Extra-Small, Small, and Medium, Phillips Screwdriver, Corkscrew, Can/Bottle Opener, Scissors and a a lanyard ring.

But, it's no replacement for a larger, even more versatile tool with locking tools like one of the SwissTools series or one of the better Leatherman models like the Wave or one of the Charge models (all of which really need to be worn on one's belt weighing about two / three ounces more and are a only a little bit longer when closed.

Note: that the Juice models accept an adapter than permits one to use a host of bits (multiple sizes of flat, philips, torx, etc.). The SwissTool and the most of the Leatherman also permit add-on bits as well.

Personally, although I am a big fan of Swiss Army Knives, due to the better pliers, it's my pocket tool of choice these days.

Howver, if _you're_ on a budget and are looking for a versatile multi-tool stick with one of the larger models like the SwissTool, or the Leatherman Wave, or one of the Charge model.