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oliver grant

oliver grant

oliver grant

oliver grantwrote a review of on June 28, 2009

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I bought these about 10 months ago in NZ and used them for around 7weeks (live in ireland). on both hands, the leather on 2 of the fingers and the thumbs are completely shredded, for about half the fingers in question only the liner is left! maybe i wore them to death but i think they should last a bit longer than that.
The stiching in the seams on them are gone by the Dakine logo aswell. I found that they got VERY wet and on cold days the glove froze to the extent that i couldnt bend my fingers!
For some reason i would buy them again because i actually really liked them - more a spring glove - but was dissapointed by how they fell apart.

Does anyone know if they would still be covered under warranty since its still less than a year old?




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