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Nicholas  P.

Nicholas P.

Nicholas  P.

Nicholas P.wrote a review of on July 7, 2008

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The M.U.L.E is an excellent bag. There is plenty of space for extra gear and it holds a ton of water. Partially fill the pack and freeze it the night before, and you will have cold water for hours. There are a couple of negatives. Water that is left in the hose after you drink gets hot, so you may want to blow it all back into the pack each time you finish drinking. The other downside is the pack is cut for a smaller frame than me, so I probably look a little silly wearing it. The waist strap is slightly too small for me, so I just use the chest strap(that barely reaches across my chest). I typically wear a waist size of about 48, and the waist strap is probably 3-5 inches too short for me. However, the strap is removable, and the chest strap is more than enough support to keep the bag from bouncing around too much when I am mountain biking. At first it seems a little small on such a large guy, but the lack of bulkiness make for a more comfortable ride.