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noydbwrote a review of on March 9, 2009

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As the owner of the X-Lander, I was familiar with Suunto products. I ordered the X10 with great anticipation, but was very disappointed.

I knew it had limitations -- poor battery life (making it unable to track for long backpacking trips unless a power source is avaialble) and no support for Mac OSX (or allowance for third party development apparently), but I could rationalize and work around them (or so I thought).

For something with such great promise, the unit requires too many button actions to get it operating. Even after those travails, which I figured would become faster with time, I found that it would lose GPS lock on a casual (ie, not fast) walk of a couple miles. This was confirmed a couple times. Upon returning each time I was greeted with the provided software, which is quite poor in design and operations. Yes, this goes well beyond a typical Mac vs. Windows bias.

While a nice try, and perhaps perfectly suited for GPS junkies, the X10 needs a lot of refinement.