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Michael S K.

Michael S K.

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Michael S K.

Michael S K.wrote a review of on April 21, 2009

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Titanium, in my experience, does not conduct heat nearly as fast as aluminum or steel. Because of this, I rely on this spoon when snow camping to spoon snow into my pot for melting. Unlike steel spoons, it does not stick to my hands. Unlike plastic spoons, it is very strong and will not break in the ice. For warmer conditions, it does not require a mitt or glove to handle when stirring hot liquids. The spoons are very expensive, but I have several and use them often. As for the Better Stove comment from another user, I have 3 MSR X&GK stoves, one I've had for 25 years and never has one failed. Perhaps he/she has the firefly or wisper or newer dragonfly. I've never used those but the GK & XGK series are fantastic and should not have been discontinued. A buddy of mine just gave me a conventional coleman (green box with 2 burners) and I tried it out last weekend. What a piece of shit...I'm gonna tear out the stove guts and use the box for a windscreen for my XGK.