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Katy A.

Katy A.

Sierra Foothills

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Hiking & Camping

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I'm a kaleidoscope of energy finding it's way through this crazy idea called "life".

I love my journey.

Katy A.

Katy A.posted an image about on June 11, 2011

Take the time

When you are a mother and a business woman and love the outdoors; it's beyond the word "challenge" to find time to play outdoors.
I do my very best to get out once a week and hike or snowshoe.
I needed a new pair of shoes; something that reminded me of the good ole days of wandering and wondering.
So, I went on line and tried to find a pair of shoes that would be good for every aspect of my life and really great for heading out to play when an unexpected moment arrives.
These shoes are my new best friend. I had so much fun with them. I took them through snow, water, rocks, pine needles. Walked across trees that have fallen all across the trail and then back to work. They are the support I need to make this crazy life more balanced. Tomorrow they are off doing photography with my daughter.
Take the time to enjoy perfect moments in everyday; a moment can be as long as a blink of an eye, but it can be a memory a great memory for a lifetime.