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Nick L.

Nick L.

Nick L.

Nick L.wrote a review of on January 4, 2011

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I bought this board at the beginning of last year. I've probably been riding ~15 days with it.

A little background. I have been riding for about 8 years, 25 years old now. I ride all mountain, but like parks...rails and jumps. I'm not about to get sponsored, but i dabble...

This board is awesome if your looking for a fun deck to mess around with. I ride in the east, so all there is to ride is sub par parks and groomers. I ride with mostly skiiers (i know i know) who don't do much park, so i find myself buttering around groomers most of the day. Board works great in all types of snow conditions. Ice, chord, park, all good. I used to ride a Forum Peter Line, around 2005 year.... its a very different board. This thing rocks on boxes and rails. Only negative i can tell you is it is not the most stable board landing bigger jumps. I have found countless times if you land a little in the backseat you slip out VERY quickly. I have seen from videos my friends shoot of the board flexing like a bananna on landings. Its not the boards fault, its just the design of the semi-rocker (aka flat kick). The board is also not amazing at high speeds, and feels a little squirly, but then again its not an alpine board. All in all Its a great board to ride and is super fun to mess around on. Oh and the graphics are pretty dope too.. I'll post a pic later.