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nellwrote a review of on March 11, 2012

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I didn't even know the name of these boots until I looked up the style. I bought them for stability in walking purposes. I'm a former long-distance hiker who has one last visit to the Rockies before knee surgery. I wanted a shoe that would keep me in place before I hit the ground.
So when I went looking for such a shoe, the guys at Whole Earth recommended these guys as a last chance to purchase. I looked at two more expensive and one all-leather shoes. None had the ankle stability I need. I wanted comfort, NO wobbling inside the shoe, ankle height, comfort, toe room, comfort, and comfort. I'm going to be doing a lot of walking and a little terrain changing here and there but I'm someone who now needs lots of ankle support and comfort.
OMG I never took them off since I purchased except to shower!
Other shoes had ankle height but no stability without strangulation or they just didn't have it. Ditto for toe room and wobbling - it had too much or none. I struck gold on these shoes. With my kind of pronation probably due to weak ankles, my feet stayed in place and I had zero pain. There wasn't any "breaking in" period needed either. They're relatively LIGHT for such a boot too.
I'm sure others have their needs and favorites but for my kinda feet, weight, condition etc., I'm pretty pleased.