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Kasaundra P.

Kasaundra P.

Kasaundra P.

Kasaundra P.wrote a review of on April 25, 2009

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For anyone that has doubts about this boot, don't sweat it. I actually bought my boots in an outdoor store, because I like to try them on first before I buy. I have a wide foot, so I was expecting my boot shopping to be a pain. In this outdoor store they only had the Vasque Wasatch for womens boots. I was leery that they would work. Anyway, I tried them on, and they fit "like a glove". I honestly have never had any kind of shoe fit me that well. I thought it was too good to be true.
Well, I've been wearing these boots from day one, because these are my working/hiking boots. I have worked long hours at a visitor information desk, and have abused my boots on countless miles of trails. I live in the southwest-in slickrock country- so the territory can be real harsh on shoes.
These boots really are meant to last. You can barely even tell the extorior upper portions are worn. The vibram soles are alittle worn, but that is to be expected, for all the use they have received.
And for wet conditions? I went snow shoeing in Mesa Verde NP, after a huge snowstorm, on a fresh foot + of snow. I expected some discomfort and wetness. Nope. Not a drop. And I'm now up in Bryce Canyon NP, where they still are seeing snow into late spring. My feet are staying nice, dry, and protected.
How about summer? I use to wear sandals, and thought that was most comfortable. But since my boots fit like a glove, I don't plan on going back to sandals for summer. The best option: go buy some lightwieght socks for summer wear. I've already done that, and yep, the boots do fine in warmer clims.
Bottom line: Not everyone has the same feet, but for me, these boots fit real well, are durable, are meant to last, and oh ya-make you look like a hip outdoor chick!