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Nathan M.

Nathan M.

Nathan M.

Nathan M.wrote a review of on May 5, 2012

Fargo 2
4 5

Thanks for the delivery to Australia - everything worked well thanks.

A couple of thoughts on the bike - the tires are very easy to puncture - I have had more punctures on these tires in a couple of rides than I have had over the rest of my life!! Suggest some tougher tires if you are riding where there may be thorns.

The bike itself does everything they say it does - very much an off-road bike set up for an off-road tour. The Mundabidi trail here in Western Australia is a great application for this bike (with tougher tires).

I'd suggest, contary to some reviews I have read on the internet, that this bike is too slow and heavy for a regular commute (assuming you want to get to and from work in minimum time), even with some faster tiers. (I tried Conti Touring Plus but for now I am back to my old trek racer as a commute.