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Nathan M.

Nathan M.

Nathan M.

Nathan M.wrote a review of on June 23, 2012

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I bought these in blue from Poison Spider in Moab, UT. These shorts looked totally sweet on the rack. I have a pair of Zoic Ether shorts in black plaid and I really like them. I tried them on, and was in a rush so I bought them.
What I like about these shorts: The chamois is great quality, and breathable. The material is pretty good quality, although not breathable. There is ample pocket space, although not exactly where I would prefer to store my items. They look pretty cool. What I don't like about them: They are too long, the length hinders pedaling. The pockets are located outer thigh, a few inches above the knee, and combined with the short length, would hinder pedaling even further if I had decided to place anything in the pocket. My take, the fit is too baggy, and the length is too long to be a short that anyone would want to do any serious riding on. No hand pockets. (FWIW, I prefer hand pockets just so I don't have to carry my wallet, car keys and cell phone every time I run into a gas station or store, to and from the trail. I also place my Ipod in my hand pockets while riding.)
Who were these shorts designed for: These shorts were designed for someone who doesn't mind a baggy and long fit, isn't really out there to put long miles in, and has no need for hand pockets. These shorts will look cool on most people, but for me, I don't really like the fit for even spending 2+ hours in the saddle.