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nag1e's Bio

Running from a gun
Or some brain that ways a ton
And my God, it hurts to get so low
Searchin' through the cars
Cold, still searchin' through the night
I think I will run, to you
But I refuse to fuss and fight

And God may find a reason
Well I'm sure you'll find a rhyme
Because it takes up nearly all my time
He who stands for freedom
God knows I've got the number
But maybe I just use too much


nag1ewrote a review of on August 24, 2010

My Favorite Shades
5 5

These are my go to, daily wear, absolute favorite sunglasses. I have worn a pair of these for approximately 5 years now. I have a HUUGE head, and these fit perfectly. On a normal sized head, they look ostentatious, but for me and my 7 5/8 noggin these look classy and understated. I can honestly say I have owned every colorway in these (two pairs of the platinum chrome) and worn all of them until they broke/got lost/stolen. I will continue to wear these as my go to wire frames and I highly recommend them to anyone with a large/wide face.