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n8r5118200wrote a review of on November 27, 2011

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I like these shoes a lot, I've had them for about 4 months now and here's some things I've noticed with them:
-Bottom line: a high performance mocc, but not a high performance shoe
-the elastic strap would probably be better if it wasn't elastic
-you can't really bear down and make them super tight on the heal because the elastic always lets it give a little
-the heel does have a suction like fit, but I've noticed that on heel hooks that really pull at the base of the shoe my heel moves a little bit in the shoe which usually leads to me losing confidence in the heel and falling
-Heel comparison with the solution- more sensitive (the solution has a neanderthal of a heel), but not as secure
-the shoe stretches.. a lot
-the toe is good but not perfect
-I've had problems on the severely small feet on overhangs and slabs
-not the best for smearing (duh, its pretty aggressive)
-really nice toe hooking (not as good as the solution, but better than just about everything else I've tried)
-overall a really nice shoe, I prefer moccs to begin with so I'll probably buy another pair. Just don't expect this to be as high perfomance a shoe as the solution.