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Chua L.

Chua L.

Chua L.

Chua L.wrote a review of on March 5, 2013

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I rode Salomon F22s and/or F20s for 5 years and had no major issues. These F3.0 boots are pretty stiff. I am an advanced rider averaging 100 days/season. After ~20 days on these boots, I had 2 separate durability issues, one on each boot.

On the first incident, I was pulling the loop for the outer laces tight and the laces popped in half, about 4 inches from my hand. To be more specific, it was right near the beefed up stitching at the end of the loop.

On the second incident and on the OTHER boot, the opposite end of the outer lacing system broke. At the lower-most attachment of the lace to the boot, the plastic piece completely cracked in half. I could also see a bit of adhesive where the plastic piece had been attached to the boot.

For $300, I expected them to last much longer than 20 days of riding.

Last, the lacing system is not very good. After the boots were broken in, the top "lock" of the lacing system would not hold very well. The lace would slip through a bit after a few runs (3-4) on the mountain, and I was left with a pretty loose boot until I stopped to tighten. On my F22s and F20s, I could go a whole day without ever having to tighten the laces.

I expected much more from this boot and not something that I have to tighten every 3 or 4 runs.