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Myra V.

Myra V.

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Myra V.

Myra V.wrote a review of on May 16, 2010

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So, for weeks I researched the differences between the Burley and the Chariot. I had a hard time justifying the price. I bit the bullet and dropped the cash for the Cougar 1 and absolutely LOVE it. Do does my 8 month old daughter. It was simple to put together right out of the box. My 9 year old did it in 5 minutes. My daughter was curious about it when she was placed in it. She is comfortable and now she gets soo excited to be placed in it. The materials are cool, sleek, and stylish. We look pretty cute crusin' through the trails/sidewalks. Its like you're not even towing anything behind its so lightweight. It turns right along with the bike. I was pleased to hear that my husband also liked it and wasn't giving me grief about spending so much for this. All 5 of us can go on bike rides together comfortably and without any concern for her safety since there are covers for every type of weather. This past weekend I was in Chicago and rented a Burley trailer. NO comparison. The materials and construction of the Chariot far exceed the competetion. Do yourself a favor and get this trailer. Its worth it and your and your child deserve it!