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Benjamin M.

Benjamin M.

Benjamin M.

Benjamin M.wrote a review of on January 19, 2011

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This trainer has been amazing! I am a very poor college student so I wanted to find a cheap way to train over the winter. However I did not want to buy something I would regret and that would break in a year. I wanted a quality product that would last a lifetime. I did months of research and looking and waiting for deals. I decided that the Kurt Kinetic products were the top of the line. The best deal I could find was on during Christmas. It was $280 shipped!

The Trainer is wonderful. I tried out some magnetic and other fluid trainers in stores and they were choppy and loud. This one is not that loud (I thought it would be worse) and is so SMOOTH. The resistance is wonderful. You get a really good workout. This came with a spinervals DVD, which is also wonderful!

The frame is built to last. It is real heavy so not the best for transporting (although it does not take up that much room and you don't really have to transport it that often). However it feels like it will never break. Lifetime warranty is also very nice :)

If you want a trainer BUY THIS ONE! If you want it cheap WAIT FOR A GOOD DEAL AROUND HOLIDAYS!!