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Michael T.

Michael T.

Michael T.

Michael T.wrote a review of on June 17, 2010

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Best Flip Flops Ever! I've had two pair. The first lasted me 7 years of pretty heavy use. When I put the new ones on I remembered exactly why I started wearing Reefs to begin with.

They have cloud like cushion in a sole that is actually durable. They are as comfortable as Crocs with the added benefit of not getting you beat up and made fun of.

Within the first week of wear the new pair it was already mostly molded to my foot. I will probably never buy a different kind of Flip Flop.

The one thing to note is that they seem to have changed their sizing in the last 8 years. I would order a size larger than what you are used to buying. I actually had to return one pair that was the same size that I'd been wearing for the past several years becase they were to small. When I held my new size 10s up to my old size 9s, they were almost exactly the same length.

Overall: Buy these, They are awesome and they last.