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ms.2688173wrote a review of on January 12, 2009

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Let 'er rip... but maybe not on these. I'm a pro patroller, and like one of the other reviewers, for this price couldn't resist. I too have been tele'n for close to 20 years. And, like yet another reviewer, although no longer, have lots of East Coast time on my She's Piste.

This is my second pair of Pistes. I'm not usually the nay sayer, but I just DON'T think they do everything really well. I think they do lots of conditions OK. But I really believe this is first and foremost a touring ski. They are too light and chattery for a good in-bounds ski - especially on the super hard-pack to icy days. The She Devil or the Work Stinx are MUCH better suited. I tried pulling a toboggan on a powder day down a heavily bumped super steep... and I was miserable. Just, in my opinion, not the best ski if you are going to find yourself mostly in bounds and absolutely not the right ski if you are working professionally. Great beginner ski. Great if you are not super aggressive. Fun in the back-country. But even then... if you are a serious skier, you need at least a couple of pairs in your quiver, and I don't think this ski any longer has a place if you are to own more than one pair. Don't believe me, before you buy any ski, go and demo different designed skis in different conditions.