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mountaingirl.kj2239560wrote a review of on January 3, 2010

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Great Color
Great Fit - super light and comfortable, even for hanging belays. The fit was the reason I bought the harness
Tag line loop in the back is easy to find and a good size
Love automatically locking buckles!

loops are small - back loops are extra small. Not good for harness rackers. I have always been a harness racker, but since I got this harness I've been thinking about trying to rack on gear sling instead, simply because the loops can't comfortably fit all my gear.
Loops are weighted too closely to harness - they don't have that uplift feature and aren't very bendy so putting gear on and off your loops can be difficult.
Leg loop connector (the webbing that connects your leg loops to your harness) is not connected via a buckle. Taking it on and off is too difficult to do yourself in a time efficient manner. Women - this means, peeing with your harness on becomes a more difficult task. Either you pull the leg loop connectors aside(most convenient, but it is slopier than simply unattaching it), or you undo the cinch, having your partner put it back on when your done(can be awkward with men partners you may not know that well), or you take your harness off(argh!).

All around; great fit harness, but not recommended for a trad climber. If you only Top rope and sport climb, this harness would rock for you.