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Tyler G.

Tyler G.

Tyler G.

Tyler G.wrote a review of on January 4, 2013

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

first off, i LOVE Evolv. they are an awesome company with amazing shoes, but this pair really disappointed me. after only 4 approaches (very easy ones at that) these shoes are almost destroyed. the rubber is awesome, but the upper part is very thin and incredibly weak. if you barely brush against a rock they rip. if you go for a light foot jam, they rip. if you have them around rocks at all, they rip... i have one hand and am only 110 pounds. i am very smooth with my feet and the approaches that messed up my shoes were so easy i didnt even have to use my hand. when i started to see rips forming i was confused on how they got ripped so i went slow and was very cautious with my foot work. even still new rips kept forming. these are so thin and weak that i honestly can't believe evolv called them approach shoes. even my $10 pair of normal shoes were more durable than this(wore out the bottoms on them but never had a rip in the upper), and those ones have actually been through some very rough and technical approaches.
i would almost recommend these as everyday shoes, but i wouldn't even recommend that because these smell just like all evolvs. (my feet never stink normally, only in evolvs)
so really i wouldn't recommend these shoes to anyone for any application.
i still love evolv and will only climb with their shoes, but apparently i need to find a new brand for approach shoes...
this is the first time evolv has let me down, and i hate leaving a 1 star review for my favorite company, but these were well deserving of it...