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mn100347410wrote a review of on August 5, 2009

5 5

Solid tent. Sets up quickly and easily. Slept in it
twice so far. Although I didnt get to test it in the
rain or wind, I totally trust this tent to handle almost
anything mother nature throws at it because of the
quality and design of this tent. I took my time and
checked out all the other 3 man tents, but this one
won we over because of the light weight. Weighs in
on my scale at 5.8 lbs trail weight. I think it makes
a very roomy 2 man tent which is how I'm going to
use it most of the time. Split the weight with the other
guy. I think it would be tight with 3 adult men but
you can do it with the floor view that mhw shows you.
As far as length goes, you wouldnt have a problem
with someone a little over 6ft. A bit pricey but you get
what you pay for. I'm sure this tent will last me many
years, so go for it, you wont regret it.