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Matt D.

Matt D.

New Jersey

Matt D.

Matt D.wrote a review of on March 11, 2013

5 5

I bought this board after my Ride Machete cracked on me. I live on the East Coast in NJ so most of what I ride is ice but we do get our fair share of chest deep powder. I also ordered from the assorted colors and received an orange/black.

Icy Conditions:
Magnetraction cuts right into the ice like its not even there. Muuuuch better than any boards I have ridden including the machete.

It seems to have slightly less immediate pop than my machete but the pop is much more controlled. I was able to hop onto rails and hit the larger jumps no problem.

Awesome just awesome. The banana just floats.

Its my favorite all around board to date and I am a die hard Mervin Industries believer now!