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mjchargerwrote a review of on December 11, 2009

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I normally ride everywhere but the park, but I decided to get a park set up this year. I'm used to riding SL9's which are super light and ridiculously stiff. These boots were real easy to break in, light enough, comfy, and warm.

The only problem I have with these boots is the speed zone lacing. They work great and hold tight all day long, but there's only 1 pull handle and the pocket to tuck the laces in is out of the way. You pull the handle of the speed zone laces tight on the right side of your boot and you tuck in everything in a pocket on the left side of the boot. So, there's a bunch of lacing that crosses your shin that you have to do something with. I tucked mine in between the liner and shell.

Comparably, the SL9's have a have 2 handles on each side of your leg. 1 for each section of the boot. There's also 2 pockets where you can stash all the extra lacing and handle, so there's no way any of the laces can come loose, or rub up against you.

Other than the lacing going across your leg, these boots are comfy, warm, hold your feet well, and are a steal on Dogfunk!