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John A.

John A.

John A.

John A.wrote a review of on July 29, 2012

The North Face Carry On Bag - 2140cu in.
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The last time I bought luggage was from K-mart. It fell to pieces after a few months. I saw this on the site and decided I needed a quality product. After using it, I am overall very happy with it.

What I like most about it is that it is very durable, and at the same time very light. The North Face has got the materials down perfect. I mostly carry clothing, so it is easily to swing around with one hand. I like the big zippers and the big wheels. It is a very mobile and agile piece of equipment that has the durability to go the distance. The handle extends quite high, and has a top handle is very comfortable to hold.

It seems to hold three items of summer items - pants, shirts, shorts and so on. It's obviously not the biggest piece of luggage available, so it is not the best thing for bulky winter items such as sweaters and jackets. It would not be not impossible to carry some of these items. However, they would have to be heavily crammed in, and it would not leave room for anything else, nor would it be convenient to access the bag during flight. It would also necessitate a second bag for items other than clothing. I think it is best used for business trips or summer vacations.

On the downside, the front flap does not open completely. You need to hold it open while you shove clothes into it. It is a big difficult and awkward at first to adjust the length of the handle. You have to push down hard, and bring it back up to adjust it to half length. Also, I think it could have been made slightly bigger while still qualifying as overhead luggage.

Overall, I am satisfied with it. I have used it for business trips, but admittedly I have not taken it on an airplane yet. I have taken bulkier items on as carry on luggage, so I don't anticipate any problems there, and it is more than light enough. I wish it could fit more, but you can't have everything.

Good luck with your luggage search and future travel, John Alexander.