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mips anderson

mips anderson

West Virginia, USA

mips anderson's Passions

Hiking & Camping

mips anderson's Bio

I strive to keep it rubber side down, and my tips pointed downhill. When not experimenting with velocity in the trees, you can find me grilling up this morning's catch, or making sawdust.

"Make 'em tear the uniform off."

mips anderson

mips andersonwrote a review of on May 4, 2010

5 5

As others have noted these are more shoes than boots. However, I'm going back for another pair as I've worn out the pair I bought a 16 months ago. These shoes rock! I bought the size that I would normally and they fit great.
Pros: excellent fit, construction, design, does what it is designed for
Cons: not waterproof, not for colder temps (nor do they claim either)

They had an easy break in period, and quickly became my primary day to day shoe. The have excellent grip, look good, clean easily, don't mark up floors easily, have excellent wear resistance (both inside and out), dry pretty fast, and are light weight for their class. And they last. I'm not tromping around with weapons and ammo in Afghanistan, but I put mine to the test just about every day.

I'm familiar with many different boots and shoes having sold them for a few years, and I'm going back to get another pair of these.



mips anderson

mips andersonwrote a review of on December 15, 2008

5 5

A great day pack. Just the right amount of cargo room to carry your needs around with you. Be that running for the train with your mac book tucked safely away, or hiking over ridge lines with tripod and lenses securely riding along. Well thought out pocket and compartment design, expands and collapses as needed, with well placed cinch and accessories straps. The two bottom straps are especially handy for holding rain gear or the small stuff sack. And it looks good to boot.