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Michael B.

Michael B.

Michael B.

Michael B.wrote a review of on April 18, 2012

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I'm on my second antidote and they've both leaked from the quick connect. Usually not horribly, just enough to get my hat or gloves or jacket wet (I primarily use it for backcountry skiing). After failing several times to identify the problem in the kitchen I've finally nailed it. The quick connect is good until sideways pressure is exerted on the hose next to the bladder. Fill the bladder with water, and squeeze it, it probably wont leak. Now, while still squeezing the bladder press sides ways on the hose and you should see drops of water appear at the quick connect. In my pack this happens pretty much every time. The amount of leakage varies, at times its tolerable (esp in the summer), but I'm over it. If your pack protects the quick connect it might work for you. In my pack the pressure of clothes, skins, ropes etc makes it leak almost every time.

The good:

The leaky-ass quick connect is super convenient. Being able to leave the hose in your backpack makes in much easier to fill the bladder esp in weird environments (melted snow out of a pot, crystal clear waterfall, gross gas station bathroom.) I thought it was silly when I first got it but it is actually super convenient. Too bad it leaks like crazy. The baffle design helps the bladder keep a more packable shape when full, the opening is easy to fill and close. In general the bladder works great. If camelbak could fix the quick connect it would be a stellar bladder. As it is currently designed it sucks.