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Mikah W.

Mikah W.wrote a review of on January 21, 2009

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I could write Psalms and dirges about what it can be and isn't. The packaging alone tells you what it is...a spork companion to Snow Peak's chopsticks. Considering those chopsticks saw me through many a meal during my Iraq deployment and those that saw me use them were shocked that I had them despite having had them on my person all along every time they had laid eyes on me...and the spork is a hardly noticeable addition in terms of weight and profile...just turn the tines out if you're carrying it at hip level. If you're seriously considering giving this piece of kit a miss do yourself a favor. The short 20 you'll spend on this short spork will save you a lot more than if you spent it on food or drink. Bonus points if you add a chopstick stand to the set.