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mexipakiwrote a review of on January 23, 2013

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So, disclaimer being that I haven't gotten to use these on the mountain yet but so far i LOOVE them. By far the most comfortable boot I've worn, easy to get on and off, but wonderfully snug all around my foot. I size between a 6.0 and 6.5 in Burtons (which is why I steered away from them - neither size fits me quite right and no matter what my heel was still lifting on aggressive turns), and as small as a 6.0 in Forum and K2s. On the Nike's however, I had to go all the way up to 7 to make sure my toes weren't curling (but do just scratch the front of the boot). Despite them being size 7, as I said, they give great snug support all the way throughout the boot. Zero heel lift in these.

In terms of lacing, both the inner and outer boot use traditional laces, and I really like them as they allow for complete control in where to tighten. The inner boot laces have a plastic topper so you don't have to tie them, but note that it is a bit stiff at first. I heard that it loosens up and gets easier with use.

I got the granite/black/midnight navy, which is very pretty. The outerlaces are hot pink and the inner laces bright blue, with extra dark blue laces provided.

The inner boots come out completely and are attractive on their own. They've gotten some use around the house as I try to break them in.

I'll update once I've used them while boarding but I expect that they'll provide quite a bit of support and control.