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mendenhall_LikeTheGlacierwrote a review of on July 29, 2011

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So I bought the Black/Smoke of these primarily because they were one of the least expensive polarized, not-too-flashy, good looking sunglasses on this site at the time.

THE GOOD: The glasses fit perfect. I'd say I have a medium to slightly above averaged sized head. If you have a LARGE head these probably aren't the glasses for you. Style is excellent, arrived just as pictured...no surprises. Build quality seems to be excellent as well. Glasses open, fold, wear, and just feel like a solid quality piece.

THE BAD: all the little white lettering on the inside of the glasses rubbed off literally during my first time wearing them. Not a big deal, I don't need to be reminded I'm wearing "Status" sunglasses. Lastly, and the only real concern of mine...I'm not convinced these lenses are actually polarized. All my previous glasses have been polarized, and these just don't seem to be exhibiting the typical features I'm use to. Glare doesn't appear to be reduced much (or at all when viewing water), and in general the lenses seem to just dim the world outside. My previous polarized lenses significantly reduced glare, and although they tinted the outside world they also seemed to sharpen everything.

I did some looking around online, and it appears Anarchy makes these status glasses in both polarized and "non-polarized" models. Other sites charge significantly more for the polarized model. I'm thinking perhaps these aren't actually polarized, or maybe I was sent a bum version on accident?

Either way, for the money they're still an okay deal...but given the choice I'd pay more to get a pair where the polarization is evident.