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Melissa W.

Melissa W.

Melissa W.

Melissa W.wrote a review of on March 27, 2008

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I took these pants on a whale watching trip to Baja where we were out in the sea twice a day in little boats. Although I got wet from whale spray, and general sea water from being in a small boat, they dried quickly. I liked being able to take off the legs quickly, and didn't find, as others did, a problem with getting them off my feet, as I was wearing reef walkers, not hiking boots. They pack light, too! My only problem with them is the crotch is a bit tight, so not comfortable for me to wear on a plane trip or car trip sitting for long periods of time. I actually changed into a more comfortable pair of shorts each time we got back to shore. Sitting felt so much better with more room in the seat.
Unless I lose a little weight (I'm a size 6-8) I will limit my use of these pants to hiking, standing up activities, etc. I love the color (sand) and the fabric is great, as is the design.
I am 5'5", and weight about 128, got the size 8, regular, not the tall. I'm sure the next size up would be too big, so I'm not exchanging them. Length is perfect. I am slender, though, so the legs don't drag as they may on someone with wider legs or thighs. I wish they fit better as I'd be wearing them all the time if they did!