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melissa Maynard

melissa Maynard

melissa Maynard

melissa Maynardwrote a review of on December 7, 2012

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I bought the fast track lacing ivys this yr. My first year not having laces. I LOVE the way that they fit and they feel great on the hill. However, the first pair i owned I managed to break the locking system on the lower lace on the left boot. Apparently this is rather unheard of? Luckily the shop gave me a brand new pair of boots on the spot when i took them in. I was all stoked on the new pair thinking i just had awful luck!, these boots seem to loosen as i ride! the locks are working okay but i seem to be tightening them every other run! I even took a bail and busted them right open ripping out my foot and twisting my ankle!:(
Is anybody else having these kind of problems!?