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Melissa N.

Melissa N.

Melissa N.

Melissa N.wrote a review of on May 5, 2010

5 5

Jacket looks and feels great. It isn't that puffy so if you're afraid of a billow-y frumpy looking jacket, don't worry with this jacket.
it's got the double zipper, so I was able to unzip the bottom portion slightly so that the jacket would sit more comfortably around my hips when I sat on the lifts (jacket is on the longer side---which i like! no more snow down my pants!)

my only complaint is that the sleeves don't have elastic cuffs or any gators, instead it hasnt a snap button strap to tighten around your wrists, but they're hard to button with your gloves on. minor complaint---the jacket still rocks and im really happy with it.

(oh, and for those of you wondering about the warmth level, it's warm but on arctic icy frozen-nose-hair days, you'll have to layer under the jacket, for sure.)